Swatchbin Texture Converter
Version 0.45 ( 26 April 2019 )



Swatchbin Texture Converter is a swatchbin texture processing tool used to convert swatchbin texture maps from Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 6 Apex and Forza Motorsport 7 to other wide-open image formats including DDS10, PNG and BMP, while supporting most of DXGI compression standards and input swatchbins with extended TXQU headers.

Swatchbin Texture Modding Assistant (STMA) is an interface extension to Swatchbin Converter introduced in version 0.42. The interface allows to view, modify and replace swatchbin textures.


Java Runtime Environment 8 and above ( DOWNLOAD )
Intel(R) Texture Works Plugin for Adobe Photoshop ( DOWNLOAD )


Swatchbin Converter

Swatchbin texture conversion to DDS10, BMP or PNG
Bulk task : Allows to convert thousands of textures by single click
Block type compressions are automatically rescaled to have dimensions by multiple of 4
Drag and Drop support : Possibility to Drag&Drop textures and folder to the program to preform conversion
Logging support
Hash-less filenames : Possibility to exclude hash (texture UUID) from texture name for output texture
Direct output directory: Possibility for output textures to be placed in same directory as input
Delete on demand : Possibility to pernamentely delete input files once conversion is done
Overwrite existing : Possibility to keep or overwrite existing files in output directory

Swatchbin Texture Modding Assistant

Allows to view, modify and replace contents and properties of swatchbin textures
Allows replace swatchbin textures with PNG and BMP maps
ZIP Stream : Possibility to stream (read, write) original, not encrypted ZIP archives.
Backup Database Manager : Gives opportunity to backup swatchbin textures before replacing. The manager itself is able to hold multiple swatchbins.
Advanced replace options : Gives opportunity to set your new texture compression method, maximum count of mip maps and dimension match
Bulk funcions : Backup all open textures to Backup Database, close all open textures
Advanced settings


Swatchbin Texture Converter interface

Swatchbin Texture Modding Assistant interface


Swatchbin Converter 0.43

Added support for unique compressions in Forza Motorsport 7
STMA : STMA will no longer write new data to the texture, but it will keep the data in memory until saved manually
STMA Backup Database Manger : The manager allows to manage backups created with STMA
STMA Backup Database Manger : You can save your backup database to a file and share with friends!
STMA Settings : STMA is now able to use new types of hardware for DirectCompute codec processing
STMA Settings : You can now change the format for template textures
STMA Settings : You can change color of program interface
Tons of handling conditions!


Swatchbin Converter 0.45 (no STMA) [stc-0.45b.exe]
Swatchbin Converter 0.43 (STMA 1.0.1) [stc-0.43+stma.exe]