Modelbin Texture Collector

User Guide

Starting Up

Before we even start, keep in mind, that Modelbin Texture Collector (next just "collector") requires whole Forza Horizon 3 game library implementation (next just "library") to work, meaning, that without valid library you can not even launch the collector, so be aware.

1.1 Downloading Modelbin Texture Collector
Lead yourself to download page and download the latest version of the collector using one of download links found at the very bottom of the website.

Once you have downloaded the latest version, place downloaded file to your desktop or any preferred directory.

1.2 Setting up library directory

Library directory
Library directory consists of four archives:
If you own original, non-encrypted copy of Forza Horizon 3 or OpusRelease, you can find these archives:
NOTE: The collector has built-in feature allowing use of not only original archives, so if archives downloaded from somewhere are in present, you can freely use them.

1.2.1 Launch the collector using executable file (mtc-1.0.Xth) and you will be prompted to provide library directory.

1.2.2 Paste path to your library or use providen file chooser, if you prefer so.

1.2.3 Wait until the collector will perform library check. If your library path is valid, you will be notified with green text telling you to press continue button, otherwise you have to check the path according to instructions below the text area. See picture below.

1.2.4 Click 'Continue' button to launch the program.

NOTE: If checkbox right next to continue button is kept checked, the tool will save library path and you will be never prompted again, only in case the path will became invalid. Otherwise this dialog will show up each launch.

If you can see main interface of collector, you have successfully setted up the library directory!

Collecting textures for archive

With new GUI interface it is really easy to perform archive collection.

2.1 Collecting

2.1.1 Set up your output directory if you prefer not to put output to ZIP location.

2.1.2 Open directory containing Forza car archives in Windows Explorer.

2.1.3 Select archives you wish to collect and Drag & Drop these files to collector's Event panel or click on Event panel to show up file chooser if you prefer so.

2.1.4 Wait until the collector will finish collection. You will see 'Collection complete.' panel.

2.1.5 Done.

NOTE: If an error occur while reading ZIP archives an error log will appear in output directory.