Forza Apex+ Resource Collector

Modelbin Texture Collector (next just "collector") is archive processing tool for extracting materials and textures from Forza Horizon 3 modelbins, whose are part of each car archive. Thanks to efficiently of the collector, there is no need to perform any extractions of both car or library archives. The collector can work with both original game archives and repacked ones and requires no backup of these archives as read only process of these archives is guaranteed.

The output of the collector will contain EVERY texture to properly texture whole car model of Forza Horizon 3 while producing XML map for easier texture mapping of modelbin.

Read how to use Modelbin Texture Collector here!

Java Runtime Environment 8 ( download here )
Forza Horizon 3 Texture Library

Processing whole car archive without extracting (e.g.
 Original texture library can be used
 Original car archive can be used
Collects materialbins and swatchbins for each modelbin inside car archive
Generates map of entries for easier model texturing
Separates materials into subfolders for easy use
Handles materialbins defined inside car archive (e.g.
Variable library location defined in configuration file
Library directory checker

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Forza Apex+ Resource Collector 1.05 Early BETA (Build 7) released 28-8-2018

Modelbin Texture Collector 1.0.4 (Forza 7 Support) released 16-10-2017

Modelbin Texture Collector 1.0.3b released 01-08-2017

Modelbin Texture Collector 1.0.3 released 06-07-2017