Swatchbin Texture Converter + STMA
Version 0.42 ( 8 August 2017 )

Swatchbin Texture Converter is a swatchbin texture processing tool used to convert swatchbin texture maps from Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6 Apex to other wide-open image formats including DDS10, PNG and BMP while supporting most of DXGI compression standards and inputs with extended TXQU headers.

Swatchbin Texture Modding Assistant (STMA) is interface extension to Swatchbin Converter introduced in version 0.42 allowing to replace swatchbin textures.

(mandatory)  Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) | version at least 1.8.0_60 [ download here ]

 ✔ ( Main ) Swatchbin texture conversion from .swatchbin to .dds, .png, .bmp.
 ✔  ( Main ) Supports conversion of multiple texture files and folders at once.
 ✔  ( Main ) Automatically rescale texture canvas of block-type compressions to match by multiple of 4
 ✔  ( Main )  Drag & Drop support: Possibility to Drag & Drop swatchbin files and folders to the tool for conversion.
 ✔  ( Main )  Logging support for invalid inputs
 ✔  ( Optional ) Hash-less filenames: Possiblity to remove hash indication for output textures.
 ✔  ( Optional ) Absolute-path: Possibility for output textures to be placed in same directory as input swatchbins.
 ✔  ( Optional ) Delete-once-done: Possibility to pernamentely delete inputs once conversion is done.
 ✔  ( Optional ) Overwrite existing files support: Possibility to keep or overwrite existing files.
If you have any incompability issues, unhandled errors, problematic swatchbins or unexpected behavior of sb2dds, make sure you report as soon as possible at: or tdohmn(at)


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